Bakewell Gin Liqueur - 70cl


This gin Liqueur is infused with the six botanical like the ones used to make the craft Bakewell Gin: Juniper alongside, Cubeb, Cardamom, Hibiscus flowers and of course Cherry and Almond. 



Gin Liqueurs are very versatile spirits that are generally served in one of 3 ways:


  1. To complement a gin and tonic - e.g. 25ml Gin, 25ml Gin Liqueur, 100ml Tonic, Ice and Garnish
  2. Over ice - plenty of ice and 75ml liqueur
  3. With prosecco - 175ml prosecco and 50ml liqueur


Either way these gin liqueurs really bring a drink to life. Gin Liqueurs are an alcoholic spirit with an ABV of 20%

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