Flavour Tips

Gin is a complex spirit that must have a primary flavour of Juniper to legally be called gin.

When you design your own gin using our service we automatically calculate the required amount of juniper to balance the other flavours you select. If you wish reduce or remove the juniper in your blend then let us know using the "other ingredients" field. We will still produce your spirit but the bottle label will be changed to remove the words British Gin and this will be replaced by the words Fine Spirit and the Ginhouse logo be removed.

Tip number 1:

If you would like to retain a strong juniper flavour then any other flavours you add should be kept to Very Subtle or Subtle to ensure they do not overpower the juniper.

Avoid adding lots of different ingredients as Strong or Very Strong as the flavours can mask each other. A better plan is to add one strong flavour and keep the other flavours subtle to provide undertones to the main flavour.


 Tip number 2:

Orange and Lime are rich in oil and if you add lots of these flavours in your blend there is a chance that your gin may go cloudy when you dilute your gin with tonic. This is because higher levels of achohol can handle higher levels of oils, adding tonic will drop the alchol level and so the oils will show. Seasoned gin drinkers will have noticed this with many other brands that are rich in citrus flavours.


 Tip number 3:

Get to know what you like about the Gins you are already familiar with. The label or the website for your favourite gin will give you clues as to the ingredients they use.

The flavours in some of Britains most popular Gins are described below:

  Beefeater Bombay Sapphire Bulldog Gin Mare Hendricks Plymouth Tanqueray Tanqueray No 10
Juniper  Strong Strong Strong Strong Strong Very Strong Strong Strong
Corriander Medium Medium Medium None Subtle Subtle Subtle Subtle
Orange Subtle None None Strong Very Subtle Very Subtle None Medium
Orris Root Very Subtle Very Subtle Very Subtle None Very Subtle Subtle None None
Lemon Medium Subtle Medium None Subtle Subtle None None
Cubeb None Medium None None Subtle Subtle None None
Liquorice Very Subtle Very Subtle Very Subtle None None None Medium Medium


Very Subtle Very Subtle Very Subtle None None None None None
Others Almond, Grapefruit Cassia, Grains of Parasise Almond, Lavandar, Poppy Seed  Basil, Thyme, Rosemary Caraway, Elderflower, Camomile Cardamon None Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Orange Blossom


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