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and receive a 40ml bottle of gin through your letterbox every week. Each week you will receive a high quality craft gin to sample with a £5 off voucher to buy the full bottle.

No more gambling expensive monthly fees for a bottle of gin that you may or may not like. This £3 per week scheme lets you try your gin before you make a decision to buy the full bottle or not.

The box you will receive is small enought to fit through a standard letter box so no trips to the post office. Each box will contain either a 40ml craft gin or high quality gin liqueur. You can unsubscribe at any time. on line or by calling us on 0151 334 3076 to speak to a human.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - When will I get my gin?

A1 - Gins are sent on the Wednesday lunchtime (midday) after the day you subscribe. If you choose the untracked option, you will get your gin within 1 to 5 days of us sending it. If you chose the tracked option, you will get it on Friday before 6pm. So, if you subscribe on a Wednesday afternoon it will take between 8 and 13 days before you get your gin, you will have been charged for your second gin before you get your first, but you will still get one gin for every payment you make. If you subscribe on the Wed morning with the tracked option, you will get your gin 2 days later.

Q2 - What do I do if my gin is not delivered?

A2 - as per the answer above if you have waited the correct number of day (e.g. up to 13 days) then contact us. If you use the untracked option then this may indicate a problem with your local sorting office, so we are likely to refund your payment and unsubscribe your account. You will have the option to re-subscribe under a tracked option but not the untracked option. If you have the tracked option then you will have been emailed a tracking ID with your order and you can use check you delivery and seek further help at

Q3 - How do I unsubscribe?

A3 - Click here and click cancel next to your subscription

Q4 – Why have I been charged twice and still not received any gin?

A4 – This likely to because you subscribed between Wed afternoon and Friday evening. See answer 1 above for an explanation.

Q5 - What is the best way to contact you?

A4 - Email is always best as it gives us time to look at your account before responding - email . Our office hours are Mon - Fri - 9:00 to 17:00

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The Friday Night Gin Club

With every miniature

you will get a £5 off voucher for a full bottle of the weeks featured gin.

We will post a 40ml miniature gin to you every Wednesday

So that it is with you by Friday!

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