2nd Earth Gin 70cl

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2nd Earth 

A traditional juniper led with well balanced cardamom and coriander with a hint or rhubarb. Distinguished by a beautiful sweet finish.

At 42.5% Vol this small batch copper distilled gin is a gem.

Serve with lemon and a premium tonic.

Tasting Notes

Nose is bright and clearly spice-forward contemporary style with lots of rhubarb and coriander, hints of juniper, lavender and cardamom lie just a bit further back. It’s intensely and vividly botanical, teetering just on the edge of having an ABV that make you want to breathe in too deeply. It’s loud, but I find it very inviting.

The palate has a whole lot more of the aforementioned spice-forward notes on it. There’s notes of musky rose, a heady coriander bouquet mid-palate, juniper and cumin and fennel seeds on the finish with a fairly heavy mouthfeel. The finish is long, incredibly warm and very spice forward: rhubarb and coriander seem to dominate, but there’s a hint of pine just along the edges. Although not exceptionally thick on the palate, the finish seems to go on and on and on.

Extra Information

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Tony Rigby on 27th Mar 2017


    Unique taste superb

    2nd Earth Gin, Tried this at the Port Sunlight festival blew me away and I know my Gins gave a few samples to my likeminded friends all the feedback was positive will have this as my favourite just knocking Love Gin from the Eden Mill distillery Don't get it confused with the Wirral one!
    2nd Earth Gin is a cut above if you haven't already then have a taste ?

  • Posted by Tony Rigby on 8th Feb 2017


    Distinct taste

    Once you have had this gin you will have it again it has a grab hold of your taste buds appeal
    It is an easy drink I prefer straight however I wouldn't say no if you added tonic nice with a fenntamins and little ice