Wirral Gin 70cl

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Wirral Gin is a true artisan gin. Entirely distilled using the vapour extraction method this gin is made by hand in small batches.

Wirral Gin is only made on our favourite still "Thumbelina" near to Vineyard farm in Spital, Wirral.

The gin is floral led and aromatic with some delicate warmth from the bog myrtle and juniper in the background. The palate has an intriguing mix of bittersweet with a floral lift that deepens into pine with a hint of spice at the end.

Featured botanicals Bog Myrtle.

This Gin was chosen by the people of Wirral when hundreds of locals attended blind tastings and overwhelmingly chose the Bog Myrtle led gin. Wirral literally means "myrtle corner", from the Old English wir, a myrtle tree, and heal, an angle, corner or slope. It is supposed that the Wirral was once overgrown with bog myrtle, a plant still plentiful around Formby, to which the Wirral would once have had a similar habitat. The name was given to the Hundred of Wirral (or Wilaveston) around the 8th century.